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rhythms of Colombia: Cumbiambuco banda, Barcelona

Publicado por Ales Gutierres

Cumbiambuco is an orchestra of Colombian folk music, from folk rhythms of Colombia, which evokes the most typical Caribbean regions, Pacífic and interior.

The band appeals to the feelings of his audience with topics people are passionate about Colombian people in the Spanish State and Europe in general.

From the spread you make your marketing consultant, Ales Guterres, the band has managed to bring the Colombian rhythms to the uttermost parts of Spain where they have been requested. Between 7 and 11 musicians are part of an original Colombian group: clarinet, bagpipes (gaitas), saxophones, percussion, cuatro, guitar, seeds, drummer are some of the sounds that make up the rhythm, from the cadence to the most moved, together with a female voices, two male and choirs.From fiery rhythms such as Mapalé to Cumbia, Merengue, Vallenato and Son, through Rajaleñas, Corridors, Waltzes and Bambucos inside and ending with the rhythms of the Pacific as Currulaos, Jacks, Jugas and Contradanzas.

Cumbiambuco band also serves traditional music of Colombia as an accompaniment to dance groups Colombians with some regularity or on specific occasions. During the tour the band are all kinds of events such as communions and weddings. From village festivals to international events. Colombian participation events and exchanges. Street parades and private partiesCumbiambuco offers a wide musical spectrum, a very interesting repertoire to dance and enjoy people of all nationalities.

The site can be found http://cumbiambuco.com …photos, audio and video work sample provided by the artistic group.

Afro-Caribbean music has always been at the center of the general public taste, with its vibrant rhythms.The group has Cumbiambuco band partying and happy that point that allows a job well done to spreadthe word of mouth, also has a community support group management, represented in your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tuenti. A unique name and easy to find online, Cumbiambuco is the order of the day in Google searches.Unique name and unique musical work, social and anthropological. And a human quality and professionalism demonstrated by its members.

Cumbiambuco band: typical Colombian music group based in Barcelona.       

Ales Gutiérres

Tel: 01 418 931 7527



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